Nanits, another digital platform for independent creators launched

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

"Last month Nanits Universe, a crowdfunded-backed project, launched its new digital comics via a new mobile app, Nanits Reader 2.0, with a way for indie comic book artists to create and distribute their digital comics, the Nanits Composer, soon to follow.

A former Kickstarter project turned San Francisco-based start-up, the Nanits Universe team are working on creating a more interactive comic book experience for mobile, via the Nanits Reader 2.0, the platform uses a proprietary comic book rendering system, the NANITS ENGINE. This enables a comic book to be page-free with smooth scrolling between panels and text balloons, and parallax scrolling between layers to add visual depth. There’s also the option to add music to the comic.

Demoed at Silicon Valley Comic Con last month, the platform has launched with three new comic book series: the SF story Nanits Chronicles – Underground, Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in Bohemia by Petr Kopl, and the WormWorld Saga by Daniel Lieske."

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