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Jul 12

iOS - Update


Edited: Jul 12

Hello, Nanits Universe fans.


iOS update

We pay careful attention to what you write to us and based on your feedback a new version of Nanits Reader for iOS has been released. (we are currently working on the Android version as well and this update is only for the iOS version)


You frequently tell us that you cannot view the ads properly and instead you only see an error message. That is why we implemented a couple of new ad providers so that you all could view the ads properly.


In their reviews, many users kept accusing us of not having any free content. We discussed how this happens, and the most likely explanation was the confusing "$" icon which was present on all comic books before users logged in or chose to enable the Free Mode.


For that reason, we changed the "$" icon for the "Get" icon so that it better represents its function and we hope that it will stop the confusion among users.


We also encountered a few bugs which caused the app to behave oddly when users submitted Reviews. For example, it was possible to rate unreleased comic books, but this issue has now been fixed.



Development changes in Nanits Reades for iOS v.


> dollar icon changed for "get" icon on the main page

> using text review count from API

> hiding the review section if comics is not Downloaded, Ready to Buy, Purchased

> updated alert when the user aborts ad viewing (was Error, is Warning)

> supporting ads mediation via AdMob (TapJoy and Facebook Audience)

> Facebook SDK update

> Included Firebase Crashlytics







Love it!

Saw this app at a panel at the Silicon Valley Comic Con and I loved it when I tried it! I always loved reading when there is music in the background. It really sets the mood of the comic/book. Great app!

Send us your review

Read and HEAR effects of comics! All free with ads or paid

Good comics in a completely new presentation, with sound, scrolling pages, hovering text baloons, a different experience. Free with ads or paid without them makes it complete, allowing experimenting the platform with whole comic series and deciding wheter one wants to use it rid of ads or not.

Thoughtful little App


Really, REALLY nice and beautiful app for reading comics. Alreading loving Nanits Chronicles. It’s plainly possible to see all the care and attention spent in the production of each volume: Music, parallaxes, art... Thanks also for remembering IPhone users: altough an iPad is always preferred when reading, the comics looks and behaves AMAZING in small devices. Telling everyone in Brazil about you guys 😛 Keep it up!!

Best app to read comic

with filling of music, 3d graphics , oh my god best app i have ever use in life, this app has given so many good positive vibes and memories of childhood, developer team of this app done very good job 😊😊😊😊

Looks nice!

It looks a great app and i’m sure that what I’ll suggest now will be done soon or later.. But still doesn't have Brazilian Portuguese titles :c ..
There are not that many brazilians that speaks english and still we are great fans of comics (or "HQ's" as we say)
Hope it update soon so we can have our favorit comic books in this beautiful app 😉


Nečekal jsem takhle kvalitní zpracování komiksů. A hlavně i s hudebním podkladem. Což mě doslova vtahlo do děje. Všechna čest vývojářům a velký palec nahoru.


es una nueva forma de leer comics y en tu idioma tambien, es una experiencia única visualmente como auditivamente, solo espero que después hayan mas comics para leer.



Highly recommended app 

This app absolutely nails it! The best non-paper comic experience I’ve tried. Highly recommend!

Brings comics to life!

First time I’ve experienced a “living” comic book with sound effects and 3D-like illustrations! Cool app!

5 estrellas 

Me parece una forma fresca y divertida de leer comics, espero que amplien su catalogo y que publiquen mas en español, por lo demas.




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