This revolutionary platform makes the comic reading experience richer than ever.  Everything  that you expect  from real digital comics in the 21st century, a modern,  fully digital experience. 


Dear NANITS fans,

We would like to ask you for your help because our current situation is not easy at all. Our Nanits Comics project is currently at the end of its tether and we are looking for ways to save the project. 

At the end of January this year we lost our main investors who decided not to support our project anymore and ended our funding. We had to stop all production and lay off the team, and we too had to find a new job very quickly.

Ever since we found out that we will not receive any additional money for our operation, we have contacted approximately 400 funds from the world and the Czech Republic. Those interested in our project, however, consider the early stage of the project and the associated number of users as a barrier. We do not think that we have had bad results. We managed to climb to 2500 readers per day! But like many other companies starting in the entertainment industry, we are dealing with the problem of "chickens and eggs". And we often hear: "Come to us when you have better numbers and then we will give you the money you ask for." 

But once we get sufficient numbers, we will no longer need investors to help us get our business up and running. 

Five years ago, we started our project with the idea that digital comics have a place on the market and that digital comics can look great. We imagined that comic books do not have to be only converted PDFs you open in your tablet or, on the other hand, a complex technical solution. So we created a new format that was most enjoyable to us and which honors the comic book form so much that it preserves the essence of what the comic book is about, but also adds elements that bring the reading experience into the 21st century. 

We have added originally composed music that draws the reader into the story, and also allows them to read at their own pace. By using layers and parallaxes we created the illusion of space between panels. We gave the reader the ability to read comics in multiple languages and we even invented a way of converting classic paper comics to this new format. 
At this point, we still have hundreds of loyal subscribers who support us, but for a truly functioning platform that will be able to publish at least one new comic book per week and will be attractive enough to both readers and new investors, we need thousands of subscribers at this price. 

With this letter and this appeal, we would like to ask all those who root for NANITS and believe that this project has a place on the market, those who like what we do for comics, and also independent authors, to support us by visiting the NANITS app and purchasing a comic book there or by subscribing for a symbolic price of $0,99. The aim is to keep the platform alive and to gradually return to publishing of our original content, as well as of the comics of independent authors from all around the world. 
 Thank you very much for your love and support! ❤️

Robert, Michael, and Veronika



Love it!




Saw this app at a panel at the Silicon Valley Comic Con and I loved it when I tried it! I always loved reading when there is music in the background. It really sets the mood of the comic/book. Great app!

Read and HEAR 

Effects of comics! All free with ads or paid. Good comics in a completely new presentation, with sound, scrolling pages, hovering text baloons, a different experience. Free with ads or paid without them makes it complete, allowing experimenting the platform with whole comic series and deciding wheter one wants to use it rid of ads or not.

Best app to read comic

With filling of music, 3d graphics, oh my god best app i have ever use in life, this app has given so many good positive vibes and memories of childhood, developer team of this app done very good job 😊😊😊😊


Try to imagine you can immerse yourself in Nanits world through several senses at once!

01 / MUSIC

An original soundtrack accompanies each story, and you can enjoy your comic book with a more luxurious experience.

02 / DEPTH

An illusion of space, parallax effects or depth… thanks to this you feel that your comic books are alive!


…because nobody wants to flip the pages on digital devices! A simple scroll lets you crawl the story at your own pace without disturbing or unnecessary clicks.


Scroll for reading

Pinch to zoom



Our vision is for our reading format to become a standard for digital comics books around the world. And for it to help authors to sell their comic books worldwide under fair conditions and with an appropriate service, which has not been the case so far.

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Our mission is to help the artists reach passionate fans and to spread the comics medium in a more attractive way.

🤪 2013

It all started with a dream of publishing our own comic book saga Nanits Chronicles in the digital form. But we said, “Hey, we should take advantage of today’s technology and make it worth the 21st century!”

🤓 2015

This was the year we not only started to draw a high-quality comic book series but we also began to think... to explore... to experiment... to compose music... to develop an app... and to load the app with digital comic books. Then we said, “Hey, we have invented a tool for transforming any paper comic book into a wholly new and unique online experience! Let’s allow the other artists to publish on Nanits too.” And that’s how the Nanits Comics originated.

🤩 2019

Currently, we are making an effort to convert as many comic books as possible for you. We are working on making our app the best one possible for reading comics. Also, we said, “Hey, let’s help indie artists to get their stuff to the fans around the globe!” And that is our mission. To help the artists reach passionate fans and to spread the comic books as a medium more attractively.



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